Butternut Squash Pasta by Monique Santua

Butternut Squash Pasta By Monique Santua Serves 2 Ingredients 1 tbsp olive oil 1 garlic clove, smashed 1 cup butternut squash, small dice 1 carrot sliced thinly ½ cup onions […]

Market Recipe: Sweet Potato Fries

Market Recipe: Sweet Potato Fries Ingredients: 1 bag of VRDNT farm sweet potatoes Olive Oil Salt Pepper Crushed red pepper flakes Tahini Dip: 1/3 cup tahini 1/3 cup apple cider […]

Market Recipe: Quick & Easy Refrigerator Pickles

The easiest and tastiest quick pickle recipe for your seasonal market finds! Ingredients: Your veggies of choice – we love using green tomatoes, red onions, radishes, cucumbers, peppers, garlic, carrots, […]

Market Recipe: Stuffed Pumpkin or Squash with Quinoa & Kale

We’re getting cozy in the kitchen today and enjoying this fall weather! If you’ve visited the market lately you’ve probably seen that our farmers are bringing tons and tons of […]

AFF Recipe: Tepache by Mercado Sin Nombre

Tepache by Mercado Sin Nombre Ingredients: rind + core of 1 pineapple (preferably organic) 1 piloncillo cone, shaved 1 Mexican cinnamon stick 2 star anise, cracked 2 cloves, cracked 3 […]