Job Opportunities

Currently Open Positions:

Market Floater

Classification: Hourly, Part-time
Reports to: Operations Manager

Our Market Floater role provides a wide range of essential operational tasks at each market, including but not limited to the following:

  • Staffing market entrances and exits
    • Providing hand sanitizer to shoppers via spray bottle
    • Ensuring each shopper is wearing a mask prior to entering the market
    • Recording entrance numbers using a clicker-counter
  • Communicating with market staff via walkie-talkie
    Responding to vendor requests for items like ant killer, additional line management, etc.
  • Restocking supplies such as paper towels or hand sanitizer
  • Distributing signage throughout market as requested
  • Emptying trash cans and picking up any loose trash items
  • Monitoring hand washing stations for refills
  • Rotating roles and stations to provide breaks for colleagues
  • Identify and execute other necessary mid-market tasks as they arise
Other tasks involved in the Floater role will be varied and based on current market needs. If you interested in the Market Floater role, please email [email protected]

Market Instagrammers

Classification: Hourly
Reports to: Marketing & Events Manager

We are always looking for people who love Texas Farmers’ Market, and are familiar with it, who would be interested in helping out with our Instagram on market days! Markets take place on Saturday at Lakeline (9am-1pm) and Sunday at Mueller (10am-2pm).  On market days that you sign up for, you must come during the first or second hour of the market, and post three times on the Texas Farmers’ Market Instagram. Compensation is $25 dollars for one hour on the day for which you sign up. Instagrammers must check in with the TFM team upon arrival at market for any special photo instructions or announcements, and will be given a check when finished. Please fill out this brief form and we will contact you if we think you’re a good fit: Market Instagram Form