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Texas Farmers’ Markets at Lakeline and Mueller are year-round, rain-or-shine, producer only markets. Our market rules are linked here.

TFM at Lakeline happens every Saturday from 9a-1p in the Lakeline Mall parking lot (across from Dillards).

TFM at Mueller happens every Sunday from 10a-2p inside the Mueller Branch Park Pavilion and outside wrapping around the perimeter of the building and on the closed-down Philomena Street segment between Aldrich St. and Mattie St.

Texas Farmers’ Markets at Lakeline and Mueller are organized under F2M Texas, a 501(c)4 non-profit corporation centered around hosting and educating Central Texas producers and consumers to grow a sustainable food system. Click here for a great feature on our market founder and the history of Texas Farmers’ Market.

Contact us to learn more about the markets or click here to become a vendor.


Nena Johnson, Executive Director

512-969-7016 mobile

Favorite thing to eat at the market: Greens! the spicier and more bitter, the better! 


Fun Fact: I own a cow dairy called Hacienda La Chima in the Andes mountains of Ecuador with my brothers. When I can’t be there in person, I keep an eye on our lovely bovines via WhatsApp. The farm has been in our family for well over a hundred years and is probably my favorite spot on earth.

Jesse Jones, Director of Operations

512-666-0553 mobile

Favorite thing to eat at the market: I like anything and everything pickled, so if it’s available at the market, you can bet i’m picking up a jar!


Fun Fact: When I’m not working I’m quilting and cross-stitching. I will gladly share any tips and suggestions if you ask! My biggest passion in life is playing roller derby. I play for the Texas Rollergirls, a team that is 7th out of nearly 500 leagues worldwide! My team was also recently featured in Teen Vogue.

Liz Shafer, Operations Manager

512-761-6809 mobile

Favorite thing to eat at the market: Some of my favorite purchases at the market are root veggies, fresh herbs, goat cheese, fresh-squeezed juice, and floral bouquets. Anything fresh is best! 

Fun Fact: I am an artist. I love to paint. I love to create. Acrylic and watercolors are my best forms of medium. I am planning to make paint colors using items from my garden this fall.


Julia Keim, Director of Marketing

512-953-7959 mobile

Favorite thing to eat at the market: It definitely changes with the seasons, but right now I am constantly craving tomatoes and can’t get enough of them! 

Fun Fact: I’m a photographer in my spare time, and studied film photography in school. I love spending hours in a darkroom listening to music and developing my own film whenever I can.


Yuri Cho, Administrative & Bookkeeping Assistant

512-953-7959 mobile

Favorite thing to eat at the market:Jerky! Peppered and spicy.

Fun Fact: I used to be a seamstress. I mostly made weighted blankets and costumes but my biggest accomplishment was tailoring a wedding dress. I still sew but mostly outfits for myself now.


Maggie Perkins, Market Chef

Favorite thing to eat at the market: My favorite things to eat at the market are the superfood superstars I have the fortune of creating with the freshest seasonal produce from all our farmers. I enjoy snacking, um, testing, right along with our market shoppers.

Fun Fact: I’m currently working on a  cookbook with stories based on my past experience as a fledgling farmer. 


Carla Jenkins, Board Chair and Instigator

Favorite thing to eat at the market: My favorite thing to eat at the market is raw okra as I am buzzing around.  The farmers don’t seem to mind when I pick one up as a snack…

Fun Fact: I am an avid bird watcher and a scuba diver.



Lauren Gann, Accounting






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