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Texas Farmers’ Markets at Lakeline and Mueller are year-round, rain-or-shine, producer only markets. Our market rules are linked here.

TFM at Lakeline happens every Saturday from 9a-1p in the Lakeline Mall parking lot (across from Dillards).

TFM at Mueller happens every Sunday from 10a-2p inside the Mueller Branch Park Pavilion and outside wrapping around the perimeter of the building and on the closed-down Philomena Street segment between Aldrich St. and Mattie St.

Texas Farmers’ Markets at Lakeline and Mueller are organized under F2M Texas, a 501(c)4 non-profit corporation centered around hosting and educating Central Texas producers and consumers to grow a sustainable food system. Click here for a great feature on our market founder and the history of Texas Farmers’ Market.

Contact us to learn more about the markets or click here to become a vendor. If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please click here.

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Laura McDonald, Executive Director

512-953-7959 mobile

Favorite thing to eat at the market: My favorite thing to eat at the market is peaches. Growing up in central Texas we waited every year for peaches to arrive and I still get super excited to see them at the market for the first time each year. Second favorite thing is okra – I love it cooked on the grill.

Fun Fact: I love to camp and hike. My husband and I spent six weeks traveling the country and camping (in a tent!) visiting a lot of state and national parks. It was truly an unforgettable experience. Since then we’ve upgraded our shelter to our ’97 Casita trailer and love to visit all the awesome state parks nearby. 

Julia Keim, Director of Marketing

512-953-7959 mobile

Favorite thing to eat at the market: It definitely changes with the seasons, but right now I am constantly craving tomatoes and can’t get enough of them! 

Fun Fact: I’m a photographer in my spare time, and studied film photography in school. I love spending hours in a darkroom listening to music and developing my own film whenever I can.

Liz Shafer, Director of Operations

512-761-6809 mobile

Favorite thing to eat at the market: Some of my favorite purchases at the market are root veggies, fresh herbs, goat cheese, fresh-squeezed juice, and floral bouquets. Anything fresh is best! 

Fun Fact: I am an artist. I love to paint. I love to create. Acrylic and watercolors are my best forms of medium. I am planning to make paint colors using items from my garden this fall.

Rae Sorrell, Business Admin & Bookkeeping Manager

703-577-0512 mobile 

Favorite thing to eat at the market: I love the veggies and herbs along with the goat cheese and fresh breads.

Fun Fact:  I love to cook and I am passionate about empowering others to embrace the creativity and fun that they can create in the kitchen.  I teach cooking classes and love to create new recipes.  I make cookbooks as gifts throughout the year and adore inspiring others to have fun with cooking/baking.

Misty Horne, Operations Manager

512-920-2725 mobile 

Favorite thing to eat at the market: My favorite things to eat from the market are sweet potatoes, mushrooms, squash, and cucumbers. 

Fun Fact:  I love to paint and really enjoy combining resin layers with acrylic paints to create three dimensional paintings.

Carla Jenkins, Board Chair and Instigator

Favorite thing to eat at the market: My favorite thing to eat at the market is raw okra as I am buzzing around.  The farmers don’t seem to mind when I pick one up as a snack…

Fun Fact: I am an avid bird watcher and a scuba diver.



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