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Texas Farmers’ Markets at Lakeline and Mueller are year-round, rain-or-shine, producer only markets. Our market rules are linked here.

TFM at Lakeline happens every Saturday from 9a-1p in the Lakeline Mall parking lot (across from Jumpstreet).

TFM at Mueller happens every Sunday from 10a-2p under and beside the Browning Hangar next to Mueller Central.

Texas Farmers’ Markets at Lakeline and Mueller are organized under F2M Texas, a 501(c)4 non-profit corporation centered around hosting and educating Central Texas producers and consumers to grow a sustainable food system. Click here for a great feature on our market founder and the history of Texas Farmers’ Market.

Contact us to learn more about the markets or click here to become a vendor.


Nena Johnson, Executive Director

917-414-3929 mobile

Favorite thing to eat at the market: Greens! the spicier and more bitter, the better! 


Fun Fact: I own a cow dairy called Hacienda La Chima in the Andes mountains of Ecuador with my brothers. When I can’t be there in person, I keep an eye on our lovely bovines via WhatsApp. The farm has been in our family for well over a hundred years and is probably my favorite spot on earth.


Nora Chovanec, Deputy Director

512-953-7959 mobile

Favorite thing to eat at the market: Berries! Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, dewberries, you name the berry and I love it. Growing up in Oregon we picked all our own berries, so only farmers’ market berries will cut it in my book.

Fun Fact: I love to go birding and try to get out and bird every week if I can. I see it as a form of meditation and a way to really attune myself to the world around me. My favorite Central Texas year-round bird is the pied-billed grebe. My favorite seasonal bird is the osprey.


Katie Adams, Director of Operations

512-953-7959 mobile

Favorite thing to eat at the market: Peppers! Sweet lunchbox, wrinkly shishitos, roasted hatch chiles, pickled peppers – in the summer, peppers are everywhere, and I have lots of favorite varieties.

Fun Fact: I used to keep aquariums. My biggest fish crush has always been a spotted pufferfish!


Monique Santua, Marketing and Events Coordinator

512-953-7959 mobile

Favorite thing to eat at the market: Peaches! Peaches always signal my favorite season, summer and I love how versatile they are. A well grown peach is incredible raw or cooked, in savory or sweet dishes. There’s nothing more delicious than a ripe and locally grown peach.

Fun Fact: I have a Personal Chef Business that sources locally, seasonally, and sustainably. I love cooking (especially Filipino food) and am constantly amazed by all the delicious varieties of produce we have available at the market.


Nate Odendahl, Operations Manager

310-989-8720 mobile

Favorite thing to eat at the market: Pickles and ferments please! The funkier the better. In addition to the health benefits, pickling and fermentation are great ways to enjoy seasonal produce all year round and add flavor and complexity to any dish.

Fun Fact: Before promoting healthy eating choices with Texas Farmers’ Market, I promoted healthy cooking practices in developing countries. As part of an international development organization, I educated and encouraged consumers in India and Sub-Saharan Africa to shift from unhealthy and dangerous open-fire cooking practices to using efficient and clean-burning cookstoves and cooking fuels.


Maggie Perkins, Market Chef

Favorite thing to eat at the market: My favorite things to eat at the market are the superfood superstars I have the fortune of creating with the freshest seasonal produce from all our farmers. I enjoy snacking, um, testing, right along with our market shoppers.

Fun Fact: I’m currently working on a  cookbook with stories based on my past experience as a fledgling farmer. 


Carla Jenkins, Board Chair and Instigator

Favorite thing to eat at the market: My favorite thing to eat at the market is raw okra as I am buzzing around.  The farmers don’t seem to mind when I pick one up as a snack…

Fun Fact: I am an avid bird watcher and a scuba diver.



Lauren Gann, Accounting






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