Market FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the market open despite the weather?

Yes, our markets are open year-round, rain or shine! 

Our 2021 Holiday Closures are:
Saturday 11/27 – TFM at Lakeline Closed
Saturday 12/25 – TFM at Lakeline Closed
Sunday 12/26 – TFM at Mueller Closed

How do I become a vendor?

The process to become a vendor at TFM markets starts on our website here. On this page you will find vendor category information, pricing, market rules, and more. There is a waiting period between 3 and 6 months to hear back about your application for the Lakeline Market, and there is a waiting period of about 9 months to hear back about your application for the Mueller market. 

I applied to be a vendor, how can I check in on my application?

Please send an email to [email protected] to inquire about your application status.

Are you taking compost at the market?

Compost is back at Lakeline only!  On Saturdays you can drop your compost off at TFM Lakeline at the info booth from 9am-1pm.  Due to logistical issues, composting is still on hold at Mueller until further notice. Find more info here.

Can my band play at the market?

We currently have live music at our Lakeline market ONLY, on Saturdays from 9am-1pm. Please send an email with your band’s information and example of your music to [email protected] Someone will be in touch if it is a good fit for our markets!

Are events back at the market?

Market events such as chef demos, petting zoo, and more are still on hold due to the pandemic, but we hope to be able to bring them back soon.

Are you requiring masks? Why aren’t people wearing masks inside the pavilion?

As per CDC guidelines, Texas Farmers’ Market at Mueller is requiring masks inside of the Branch Park Pavilion for all shoppers and vendors, regardless of vaccination status. We ask that you please respect and follow this guideline to help our community slow the spread of this latest surge of COVID-19 in the Austin area. Please be aware that while we are requiring masks inside of the pavilion, our staff of frontline essential workers will not be physically enforcing this rule on-site as it has become too dangerous for our small nonprofit team to enforce. We ask instead that you do your part, follow the rule and if you are able, help us to encourage everyone to wear masks inside.

How can I see what vendors are attending the market?

We post a list of attending vendors every Friday on our website at this link, and on our Facebook pages (TFM at Lakeline and TFM at Mueller). You can also sign up for our weekly newsletter that goes out on Fridays with a link to the list.

What produce will be at the market this weekend?

Every Friday we post a list of the seasonal produce our farmers are bringing on social media. Follow us on Instagram and on Facebook (TFM at Lakeline, TFM at Mueller)

What is in season at the market right now?

You can find a list of monthly seasonal produce on our website here.

Can I pre-order from vendors?

Yes, many of our vendors take pre-orders for pick-up at the market. You can find a list of TFM at Lakeline vendors taking pre-orders here; and TFM at Mueller vendors taking pre-orders here.

Where can I find info about your current vendors and what they sell?

You can find a list of current vendors at TFM at Lakeline here and TFM at Mueller here.

Why aren’t there more farmers?

Welcoming new farmers and ranchers to our markets is always a priority. Unfortunately, as urban areas grow, farmland is not only lost, but what remains is becoming increasingly expensive. Which in turn, makes it harder for young farmers to join the vocation as older farmers retire. Ensuring that more young people can enter the field is very important and something we encourage shoppers to advocate for, especially when they are dismayed by the fact that local market vendor makeup is not 100% agricultural producers. But that being said, we are proud to have over 45 agricultural producers across our markets that sell a wide array of local vegetables, fruits, honey, nuts, meats, cheeses and more. If you have not been in a while we encourage you to stop by sometime and meet some of the new farmers we have welcomed in recent years!

Do you have a map of where vendors are located?

Yes, we post our market layouts every week on Fridays on our website at this link. You can also scan the QR code at our information booth at the markets. If you can’t find a specific vendor, you can always ask our team at the info booth and someone will point you in the right direction!

Where is the produce?

At the Lakeline Market, our agricultural producers (farmers and ranchers) are primarily located on the two outer edges of the market. Prepared foods, artisans and value added products are generally located in the center two rows of the market.

At the Mueller Market, most of our agricultural producers (farmers and ranchers) are located inside the Pavilion, with a few located along the exterior sides of the building. Prepared foods, artisans and value-added products are generally located on Philomena Street and on the exterior of the Pavilion.

Do you have any organic farmers?

We do have some certified organic farmers, including Animal Farm (Lakeline), New Leaf Agriculture (Mueller), Lone Star Lettuce Growers (Lakeline and Mueller) and Chickamaw Farm & Ranch (certified Biodynamic, Lakeline and Mueller). In addition, while not certified organic Belle Vie Farm & Kitchen (Lakeline and Mueller) and Westfold Farm (Mueller) only feed their animals certified organic feed. However the majority of our farmers do also use organic farming methods but just aren’t technically certified, as the process can be expensive for smaller farmers. Our team inspects all farmers and ranchers to ensure that they meet our market sustainability guidelines, which you can read about here

Why did the Mueller market move?

The Branch Park Pavilion has been in construction for about 8 years, with the intention of providing a permanent location for the Mueller market. The Mueller development has plans to sell the Browning Hangar, so this move has been in the works for quite some time and we are so grateful to have this beautiful new space dedicated to local food and farming!

The Pavilion at Branch Park is more centrally accessible to Mueller residents and district parking garages and provides an indoor and outdoor cover for market vendors and attendees. The pavilion features  19,800+ square feet of gathering space; loading/unloading area to accommodate booths, tents, and stages; three walls of floor-to-ceiling glass, bi-folding “garage-style” overhead doors to provide a covered, yet open-air atmosphere; overhead ceiling fans to help with summer-time open air comfort; heating and cooling for closed venue climate control; concessions facilities and two sets of unisex restrooms with common area washing stations. 

Where do I park at the Mueller market? Do you validate parking?

There are two paid garages as well as street parking (free on Sundays). TFM does not validate parking, but most businesses on Aldrich Street do. You can find more information here.

Is the Pavilion available for rent?

The building is available to rent for events here.

Is the farmers market wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the markets at both Lakeline and Mueller are wheelchair accessible. The Mueller Pavilion was designed to meet ADA and Texas Accessibility Standards. Since the Mueller market can get a bit crowded, we typically recommend visiting early, or during the last hour or so when it is less crowded.

Where are the bathrooms?

At the Lakeline market there are porta potties, or you can use the restrooms inside the mall if it is open.

At Mueller there are 3 gender inclusive restroom areas inside the Pavilion – Two on the left-hand side of the building and a family restroom in the back-right corner of the building. There is also a park restroom in Elizabeth Branch Park, near the corner of Philomena and Ruiz.

How can I make a donation to the market?

You can donate at the market at our info booth, or on our website here.

What is the Ag Producer Support Fund and how can I donate?

TFM’s Ag Producer Support Fund is the grant-making arm of Texas Farmers’ Market created in order to support farmers, ranchers and all producer vendors during times of medical, environmental or other crisis. The TFM Ag Producer Support Fund is available for qualified applicants who experience an accident, illness or devastating crop or animal loss. You can make a donation here.

How can I buy a tote bag or other merch?

You can buy tote bags, hats, water bottles, and stickers at the info booth at the market, or on our website here.

What are you doing to support BIPOC vendors and community members?

We fully believe that being actively anti-racist is critical to our work at the farmers’ market and we take it very seriously. Internally, our core leadership team members have taken anti-racism training and have worked with the City of Austin’s equity office on anti-racism work specifically rooted in Austin’s racist history in regards to food access. We also work to partner with community groups to welcome both new vendors and shoppers of color to our markets. We are members of the Greater Austin Black Chamber of Commerce, Asian Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and LGBTQ Chamber.  Due to generous community backing of the Texas Farmers’ Market (TFM) Ag Producer Support Fund, TFM is expanding the fund to include a scholarship for new Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) farmers who would like to become vendors at our farmers’ markets. 

We are always looking to expand our approach to making our markets as welcoming and anti-racist as possible, so if you have seen other farmers’ markets do something that you feel ours could benefit from, please do reach out, we always love and are open to suggestions. Find our contact info here.