Mustard Greens Vegan Caesar Salad

Mustard Greens Vegan Caesar Salad By Market Chef Monique Santua Ingredients 1 small head cauliflower from JBG Organic 1 bunches mustard greens (any variety works), torn into bite sized pieces 1/4 c cashew butter 1/4 c tbs + 1 tbs olive oil 4 tbs nutritional yeast (divided) 1 tbs capers 2 tsp worcestershire 1 tbs […]

Farmers’ Market Keto-friendly Collard Wraps

Farmers’ Market Keto-friendly Collard Wraps By Market Chef Maggie Perkins Collard Wrap Ingredients  Fresh collard greens, or similar sturdy greens, 2 leaves per wrap (Gray Gardens) , blanched.  Blanching Instructions: Prepare an ice bath in a large bowl by adding ice to water.  Bring a large stock pot of salted water (1 T salt per […]

napa cabbage kimchi by uyen pham

900 g. Napa cabbage 25-30 g. Korean Sea Salt 25 g. Garlic, finely minced 5 g. Ginger, finely minced 5 g. Sugar 5 g. Fish sauce 50 g. Scallions, greens only 50 g. Korean daikon, julienned 50 g. Carrot, julienned Gochugaru to taste (Korean red chili flakes) 1. Rinse, strain, and then lightly salt cabbage […]

Kombucha Recipe by Buddha’s Brew Kombucha

Ingredients: 1 gallon purified or bottled chlorine-free water 4-6 tea bags or 4-6 teaspoons loose leaf tea 1 cup (200g) sugar Kombucha Culture (SCOBY)                    1-2 cups (250-500ml) strong starter liquid, aka well-fermented Kombucha (one bottle of Buddha’s Brew Kombucha) fruit, juice, flowers, or herbs (optional). Equipment: pot […]

Soy Bean Miso

Market Recipe: Soy Bean Miso By Market Chef Monique Santua of Gastromonique 2 lbs Organic/Non-GMO dried Soy Beans 2 tsp Organic miso 2 lbs Rice Koji 14 oz Sea salt Parchment Paper Cardboard 1 Gallon-sized freezer bag Fermentation Crock In a large pot of cold filtered water, soak soybeans overnight. Drain the beans and return […]