Vendor Spotlight: Cultured Carrot

Cultured Carrot dressings capture all the goodness of organic fermented vegetables using traditional vegetable preservation. They are pre + probiotic rich and abundantly nutritious to truly nourish the gut, body and mind. Each gorgeous bottle is bursting with color from phytonutrients and the amazing biodiversity of functional microbes. They have only pure avocado oil, are raw, […]

Vendor Spotlight: Austin Kefir Microbrewery

Austin Kefir Microbrewery was founded by Marci Meyers after a friend introduced her to water kefir and its benefits. Water kefir is a natural probiotic made up of living bacteria and yeast, making it great for gut issues such as IBS, or to improve general gut health with each probiotic-packed beverage. Marci began brewing water kefir […]

Kid Friendly Probiotics

  Kid Friendly Probiotics By Madelene Sears We can all benefit from eating a healthy and balanced diet that includes plenty of fresh, organic produce like leafy greens and fresh fruit. What many people don’t know is that a healthy diet includes something called probiotics. Probiotics are a type of friendly bacteria that prevent overgrowth of foreign or harmful types […]