Austin Fermentation Festival: Fermenting Vegetables with The Cultured Carrot

Fermenting Vegetables with The Cultured Carrot Sunday October 30th at Mueller, 11am-1pm Cultured Carrot dressings capture all the goodness of organic fermented vegetables using traditional vegetable preservation. They are pre + probiotic rich and abundantly nutritious to truly nourish the gut, body and mind. Each gorgeous bottle is bursting with color from phytonutrients and the amazing biodiversity […]

Austin Fermentation Festival: Cured and Fermented Meat with The Salumeria

Cured and Fermented Meat with The Salumeria Saturday October 29th at Lakeline, 10am-12pm The Salumeria offers handcrafted salami and cured whole meats that have been finished by hand using family recipes, and techniques that have been refined for generations. They take pride in pasture raising their prized heritage pork at The Salumeria Farm in Austin TX, […]

Austin Fermentation Festival: Kombucha Demo with Orale Foods

Kombucha Demo with Orale Foods Sunday October 23rd at Mueller, 11am-1pm Orale Foods are purveyors of organic, fermented, plant-based foods and beverages. Their products include Wunder-Pilz draft kombucha, Oye canbucha and Texas Tempeh. A small batch kombucha, Wunder-Pilz is a tasty cultured beverage produced by brewing and fermenting organic teas and herbs until the perfect balance […]

Austin Fermentation Festival: Sample the Market

Sample the Market: Fermented Favorites Saturday October 22nd at Lakeline, 1oam-12pm Enjoy samples of some of our favorite fermented items from around the market! Stop by our Sample the Market booth during the middle two hours of market (10am-12pm), and don’t forget to check out our Silent Auction booth where we’ll have select items on […]

Austin Fermentation Festival: Injera Demo with Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant

Injera Demo with Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant Sunday October 16th at Mueller, 11am-1pm Habesha is a family business established in 2013 by Yidnekachew Fantu and his wife, head chef Selam Abebe. Habesha is a term Ethiopians and Eritreans use to refer to themselves. Habesha is a term of pride and used to eliminate the distinction between different […]