Market Recipe: Honey-sweetened Fall Fruit & Yogurt Sauce

Honey-sweetened Fall Fruit & Yogurt Sauce By Austin Youth Kitchen  1 tub of Mother Culture plain or honey vanilla Greek yogurt 1 cup finely diced apple (pink lady or gala apples […]

Market Recipe: Yogurt with Fresh Basil, Peaches, Candied Pecans, & Jaggery Shortbread Crumbles

Yogurt with Fresh Basil, Peaches and Candied Pecans with Jaggery Shortbread Crumbles Guest Chef Deepa Shridhar, Anjore This is just a slight take on yogurt and granola. Start with a yogurt […]

Market Recipe: Yogurt Dressing

Yogurt Dressing Chef Deepa Shridhar, of Anjore 2 cups yogurt 1/2 olive oil fresh herbs or or tops of your favorite root vegetables: radishes and carrots work beautifully dried texas chili […]