Market Recipe: Tri-Green Salad with Crispy Oatmeal


Tri-Green Salad with Crispy Oatmeal
Recipe & photos by market chef Julia Whitehorn

* Curly Kale (Bouldin Food Forest / @bouldinfoodforest)
* Dino Kale (Southern Star Farms/ @southernstarfarms_tx)
* Strawberry Basil Oatmeal ( Oatmeal and Company/@oatmealandcompany)
* Parsley (VRDNT Farms/
* Cucumber (VRDNT Farms/
* Strawberries (Bernhardt’s Farm/ @bernhardtsfarm)

* 1/3 cup tahini
* 2 tablespoons dijon
* 2 tablespoon ACV
* Water to thin
Mix until a smooth consistency forms (adjust to your preference!)


1. Begin to prepare stovetop granola by heating a medium saucepan over low heat
2. Combine oatmeal mix with coconut oil and honey
3. Transfer to pan and press the mixture down to form clusters
4. Keep an eye on it and flip as it turns golden brown (about 3-4 minutes)

1. Trim kale leaves along the stem of the leaf and roughly chop
2. Add chopped kale and parsley to a large bowl and massage with dressing until kale leaves become soft and tender
3. Toss with chopped strawberries and cucumber
4. Sprinkle with crispy granola and enjoy!

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