Cornmeal Crusted Pickles

Cornmeal Crusted Pickles
by market chef Julia Whitehorn

2 cups cornmeal (pre-made)
1 jar dill pickles (We used Munkebo Farm)
1 tub Dill & Garlic Hummus for dipping (from Floreli Sunflower)
3-4 tbs Steept Spice Rub (from Tough Mother)
1-2 fresh cucumbers (from Vermillion Farms) to make quick pickles with the leftover liquid!

– Remove pickles from jar and lay on paper towels/pat dry (set jar with remaining liquid aside – do not toss!)
– Add 2 cups of cornmeal and 3-4 tbs of spice rub to a mixing bowl. Add the pickles and thoroughly combine so they get a nice coating.
– Drizzle sauce pan with olive oil to create shallow pool at bottom of pan
– One by one, transfer pickles to pan to cover in one layer (do not crowd). Let lightly fry for about 2-3 minutes per side
– Remove once they reach desired texture and color and transfer to paper towel to absorb excess oil
– Repeat process and serve with Floreli’s Dill & Garlic hummus or your dip of choice
– Slice up your fresh cucumbers and add to the leftover pickling liquid in your jar and put in the fridge for some tasty quick pickles.

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