Market Recipe: Late Summer Salad with Hatch Chile Lemon Dressing

Late Summer Salad with Sweet & Spicy Hatch Chile Lemon Dressing  By Market Chef Maggie Perkins. Salad: Korean melon Cucumber Purple carrots Sweet peppers Amaranth greens Purple daikon radish  Full Quiver Farm garlic & black pepper cheddar cheese curds Sweet & Spicy Hatch Chile Lemon Dressing: 8 oz Mother Culture lemon yogurt 1 T honey 1/4 […]

Market Recipe: Duck Egg Omelette

Duck Egg Omelette with Crabmeat, Caramelized Onions, Chevre & Microgreens By Market Chef Maggie Perkins ½ stick unsalted butter 2 large yellow onions, halved, and sliced into uniform half-moons 1 dozen duck eggs (Texas Farmers’ Market vendors Belle Vie Farm and  Countryside Farm) ¼ cup half & half, divided ½ pound claw crabmeat (Texas Farmers’ […]

Market Recipe: Pasta with Scallops & Roasted Poblano Peppers

Scallops in Roasted Poblano Vegetable Chevre Cream Sauce Over Pasta By Market Chef Maggie Perkins 1 pint scallops (K&S Seafood) 1/4 cup butter 4 roasted poblano peppers, chopped (AY Raam Farms)  2 medium tomatoes, diced (AY Raam Farms, JBG Organic) 3 pickling cucumbers, skin on, diced (Fruitful Hill Farm, Bird Dog Farm) 4 oz chèvre (Pure […]

Market Recipe: Roasted Poblano Chevre Vegetable Dip

Roasted Poblano Chevre Vegetable Dip By Market Chef Maggie Perkins 16 oz plain greek yogurt 4 oz chevre 3 medium tomatoes, chopped 6 small pickling cucumbers, skins 3-4 roasted poblano peppers, chopped 1 bunch thai basil, chopped Combine the ingredients and mix well. Season with salt, to taste. Serve chilled. Photos by Maggie Perkins

MARKET RECIPE: Summer Melon Salads

Summer Melon Salads By Market Chef Maggie C. Perkins of Notes From Maggie’s Farm Assorted summer melons (cantaloupe, canary, Gaia, honeydew) seeded and chopped Roasted Hatch chile peppers, seeded, de-stemmed, peeled, and pith removed Cucumbers, skins remaining, chopped Cilantro microgreens SOCO ginger beer Salt, to taste Combine all salad ingredients together, tasting as you go […]