Second Sundays at Mueller: Valentines for Vendors!

Sundays  10:00am – 2:00pm At the Branch Park Pavilion 2006 Philomena St. Austin, Texas 78723  

Vendor Spotlight: Xanadu Acres

Xanadu Acres grows over 2500 lavender plants on their farm in Mullin, Texas. They use natural growing practices and never spray chemicals or pesticides on their property. Using their tremendous lavender yield, they make a variety of products such as bouquets, soaps, oils, and lavender water to sell alongside their fresh lavender. Xanadu Acres grows 6 different lavender […]

Market Recipe: Lavender Glazed Peaches & Pain Perdu

Lavender Glazed Peaches Serves 4-6, By Market Chef Maggie Perkins. 1 T coconut oil 6 small peaches, unpeeled, sliced 1-2 T culinary-grade lavender blossom 1/2 cup brown sugar In a nonstick skillet over medium heat, liquefy the coconut oil. Add all the other ingredients, (crush lavender in the palm of your hand to release essential […]