Market Recipe: Sweet Egg Scramble with Purple Eggplant and Purslane

eggsSweet Egg Scramble with Purple Paneer Eggplant and Purslane

by Chef Brittan Wilson Egbert

1 dozen eggs 

2-4 tbsp of sugar (to your taste, you can always sprinkle some on at the end if needed)

1 tbsp salt

3 small Purple Paneer eggplants, small dice

1-2 cups purslane leaves

1 clove of garlic, minced

Olive Oil

Method: Blend together the first 3 ingredients and set aside. Saute the eggplant in a little olive oil until soft then remove from pan. Add a little more olive oil and saute purslane and the garlic until the purslane is wilted until then add it to the eggplant.  Lastly make the scrambled sweet eggs in the same pan you cooked the veggies in. Do not over cook, eggs should be slightly runny. Fold in the veggies and taste for final seasoning and salt, pepper or sugar as needed. Enjoy warm.

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