Market Recipe: Herb-Roasted Chicken & Vegetables

For this recipe, we re-worked an old favorite to include fresh spring vegetables! Ingredients: Whole chicken from Belle Vie Farm One bunch of purple carrots (B5 Farm, Emadi Acres Farm, or Flintrock Hill Farm) 1 pint of sunchokes (Animal Farm or Emadi Acres Farm) 1 bunch of green onions (Bernhardts Farm or VRDNT Farm) 1 […]

Vendor Spotlight: Humble Rooster

The Humble Rooster Farm family works hard to keep their chickens – and their customers – happy and healthy. They are an American Pastured Poultry Producers Association member, meaning their flocks are allowed to enjoy the great outdoors! This cultivates high-quality and nutritious meat and eggs. Their chickens enjoy a diet of foraged material supplemented with soy-free, […]