Market Recipe: Market Gumbo! Gluten & Dairy Free!

Market Gumbo

Market Gumbo! Gluten & Dairy Free!

By Guest Chef Rick Lopez of La Condesa

1 pint okra from Engel Farms
2 pints yellow tomatoes from Engel Farms
1 lb. shrimp from K&S Seafood
3 packs duck sausage from Belle Vie Farm and Kitchen
1 bag mixed peppers from JBG Organic
1 bunch radish from JBG Organic
6 chile tepid fromYegua Creek Farms
1 bag pecans puree from Yegua Creek Farms
Salt and Pepper, to taste

In a skillet mix puree pecans with water to make a roux and cook on medium to golden brown. Peel the sausage and set aside in a bowl. Clean and peel the shrimp and set aside in a bowl.Crumble the sausage and cook in cast iron pot over medium high heat. Once all is cooked and fat has leached out, add the peppers, radishes and tomatoes. Cook for about 10 mins, until tomatoes burst. Then add 2 qts of water and cook 20 more mins.

Add the puree of pecans too thicken and add the shrimp at very end. Season with salt and pepper. Adding Aleppo chile is optional for color and spice.

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