Scrambled Eggs with Homemade Ricotta on Sourdough Toast

Scrambled Eggs with Homemade Ricotta on Sourdough Toast
By Chef Colter Peck of Elementary

Raw milk and cream (Pre-order from Ash Acres for pick up at Lakeline or Mueller!)
Lemon juice or vinegar
Sourdough Bread
Garnishes (optional): Pickled red onions, hot honey

Instructions For Making Ricotta

To make homemade ricotta, you will need a sauce pan, cheesecloth, a strainer, and a container to strain the cheese in/collect the whey.

Add raw milk, cream, and salt to saucepan on medium to high heat. About ½ gallon of milk, pint of cream, and a pinch of salt makes a large batch. Keep a close eye on it and do not bring it to a full boil. When it starts steaming and a layer of foam starts to develop, turn the heat down and add the lemon juice (or white vinegar) – about ⅓ cup – and remove from heat. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and the curds will separate from the whey (the term for the leftover liquid).

Fold your cheese cloth over itself about three times, and use it to line a strainer. Pour the mixture into the strainer, letting it drain until most of the liquid has strained. Next, carefully remove the cheese cloth containing the ricotta, and using the corners of the cheesecloth, tie to a wooden spoon and rest that on top of the container to continue to strain out the whey. The longer you strain it, the more the ricotta will solidify.

NOTE: The leftover whey can be used in baked goods as a sub for water or milk! Traditionally, ricotta is made using whey from other cheeses, as opposed to raw milk/cream.

Instructions for Scrambled Eggs & Toast

While your ricotta is straining, start toasting up some thick slices of sourdough bread (we used Texas French Bread). On Sunday, Colter slathered these with some miso butter he had made, but regular butter and some sea salt works just as well!

Scramble the eggs low and slow to get a nice creamy consistency, mixing in ricotta as desired. Top the toast with a nice healthy scoop, and then top the eggs with your garnishes of choice! Colter used pickled red onions (you can find these from some of our vendors at market or make your own!) and a homemade hot honey mixture. You can also find hot honey from Round Rock Honey at the market, or make your own by mixing honey with crushed red pepper or chili flakes.

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