Market Recipe: Vegetable-Packed Egg Salad for the Grown-Up Table

Spring Egg Salad2

Vegetable-Packed Egg Salad for the Grown-Up Table
By Chef Maggie Perkins

One dozen OrganicareFarms eggs, boiled
1 jar Stellar Gourmet Pecan Alioli*
1 bunch thin asparagus spears, stems finely sliced (Hairston Creek Farm)  
1 bunch young carrots, peeled and sliced thinly, with carrot top greens chopped and large stems removed (Johnson’s Backyard Garden)
½ bunch fresh dill, chopped finely (Johnson’s Backyard Garden)
Optional salt, additional olive oil, if needed (see note, below)

In a large mixing bowl, grate boiled eggs with a large-holed grater. Fold in remaining ingredients. If too dry, add just enough olive oil to bind ingredients together.

At the Texas Farmers’ Market at Mueller, I substituted Stellar Gourmet’s wildly popular Poblano Ranch Dressing for their pecan alioli, and dandelion greens from JBG Organic in place of asparagus.

*Alioli is similar to the more familiar aioli in flavor, but traditionally contains no egg, thus making it suitable for vegans.

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