Farm Tour & Volunteer Day: Growtopia Farms

Growtopia Farms is located in Lockhart, TX, and is dedicated to making it easy for their customers to get quality grown produce and mushrooms from the field to their forks. Owners Cody Brown, John Ruwwe, and Quinton Rowland strive to make environmentally conscious decisions on the farm and refrain from using any synthetic agrichemicals that are harmful to humans and the environment. They amend their bed rows with compost and organic fertilizers, and utilize drip irrigation wherever applicable to reduce water usage. They compost their spent mushroom substrate on the farm, creating a closed loop energy system that not only reduces input costs, but also decreases environmental waste. This week, our team spent a morning volunteering at Growtopia and learning more about their farm – take a look at the video here, and stop by Growtopia’s booth on Sundays at Mueller!


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