Market Recipe: Oven Roasted Okra with Cherry Tomatoes & Pecans 

Oven roasted okra with cherry tomatoes and pecans
Recipe courtesy of Ryan Farnau/f-stop farm
10-12 thick sliced okra pods
8-10 whole cherry tomatoes
1/3 cup rough chopped pecans
Optional – thin sliced hot or sweet pepper of your choice
2 TBS sherry or cider vinegar
1 TBS Coarse kosher salt
Pinch Cracked black pepper
Pre heat oven to 450
Place chopped okra In a large cast iron pan – dry and unsalted – roast for 5-7 min
Then stir and add tomatoes and pecans and peppers to the pan – roast for another 5-7 min, until the tomatoes are just about to pop.
Remove from the oven – dress with olive oil and vinegar salt and pepper- toss and serve
An ode to Contigo; inspired by a summer dish on their menu.

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