Market Recipe: Big Burger Throwdown Winner

Big Burger 16

Big Burger Throwdown Winner

By Kent Schoberle of Augustus Ranch

Bun: Brioche, insides toasted with beef fat or butter.
Meat: Any good ground beef will work, but we used a special blend of chuck and short rib.
Cheese: Melty cheddar and plenty of it.
Sauce: Thousand island, it’s a mixture of ketchup, mustard, mayo, and pickles. Tangy delight!
Red onions: Slow cooked and caramelized, enhancing the natural flavor.
Pickles: Fermented, not the sugary kind. We want the acid to help cut through the richness.
Tomato: Only when in season. Never settle for tasteless tomatoes.

Burger philosophy: for us, the best cheeseburger is a classic cheeseburger. Simple, decadent, with each ingredient having a specific purpose. The other important factor here is texture. The bun to meat to topping ratio needs to be right so that the burger is held together and you get all the flavors in each bite.

Photo courtesy of Maggie Perkins & Carla Jenkins

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