Indian Okra Bhindi Masala


Benefits of Okra

By Madelene Sears

Summer is the season for okra and you can get it at both Texas Farmers’ Market locations right now. If you have never had the chance to try okra before, now is the time! Our farmers grow delicious local and organic okra in abundance. Okra can be enjoyed raw, with condiments like salsa, pickled, chopped into stews, roasted, fried or sliced into salad. Okra is low in calories and has lots of vitamin K. Vitamin K helps our bodies to form blood clots, which is necessary for blood pressure regulation. That makes okra an awesome snack choice for those that have been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. Okra is also a great source of calcium, which helps to protect and build our bone density. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of okra and check out one of our favorite recipes that highlights this tasty veggie.


Okra Nutritional Info
Serving size: 1 cup raw, chopped
(about 6 spears)

calories: 31

fat: 0 g

carbs: 7 g

protein: 2 g

fiber: 3 g

Vitamin K: 66% RDA

Vitamin C: 35% RDA

folate: 22% RDA

thiamin: 13% RDA

manganese: 50% RDA

magnesium: 14% RDA

Phytochemicals: beta carotene, lutein

Info sourced from Healthy.Happy.Life.

Check out this recipe for Indian Okra Bhindi Masala Recipe — Okra in Onion Tomato Curry
provided along with photo above on right courtesy of Vegan Richa.

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