Market Recipe: Early Spring Probiotic-rich Rainbow Salad

Early Spring Probiotic-rich Rainbow Salad

By Market Chef Maggie Perkins.



1/2 container Mother Culture onion chive yogurt dip
1 T raw honey
2 T Kala’s Cuisine Preserved Lemon, rinsed and minced fine
2 t Texas Hill Country Olive Co. lemon-infused olive oil
Mother Culture whey, to thin


1 pint strawberries from Engel Farm, sliced
1 bunch parsley from Johnson’s Backyard Garden, leaves chopped fine
1 large watermelon radish from Johnsons Backyard Garden, sliced thinly crosswise
1 small bunch (3) chiogga beets from Johnsons Backyard Garden, shaved thin, crosswise
1 small bunch young carrots from Springfield Farm, scrubbed well & shaved thin crosswise
1 carton purple kohlrabi microgreens from Good Vibes Farm

Combine dressing ingredients in a large salad bowl, whisking together well and adding whey as needed to thin dressing to a consistency capable of coating salad lightly.

Toss each prepared fruit & vegetable individually into dressing, folding to coat each. Top with microgreens and serve at room temperature or refrigerate to chill.


Photos by Maggie Perkins.

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