Meet the Artist Behind Our NEW Limited Edition Tote Bag!

We are thrilled to launch our brand new limited edition tote bags, featuring the winning design from last year’s tote bag design competition. The winning design was submitted by someone very near and dear to our hearts – our former Market Coordinator, Maddy Picket. Maddy is an incredibly talented artist and aspiring teacher, and she made this print by carving the relief print from a block.

These gorgeous new totes will be available at the market starting this weekend, and in our online store NOW at this link. Like our other totes, they are made in the USA from recycled cotton and recycled soda bottles and measure 13″ wide x 14″ high. The ideal tote for your everyday errands and the perfect addition to your TFM tote bag collection.  They are limited edition bags so be sure to get your hands on one soon! Proceeds from all of our merch sales help support our non-profit markets.

Click here to order!


How long did you work for the market? What drew you to TFM and what was your role?

I worked for the farmers’ market for a little over four years. My first day at the market was September 22nd, 2018 (I still have the original email from Katie). The reason that I originally applied was because two of my friends from high school were working for TFM and I wanted to start a new job – I ended up staying though, because of all of the amazing people that I met at the market throughout the years. I began working as crew and the veggie valet person at the Lakeline Farmers Market, and ended up at Mueller as the Market Coordinator.

What inspired your tote bag design?

My tote bag design was inspired heavily by all of TFM”s farmers and ranchers and the products they work so hard to bring to our markets year round. Being a farmer, rancher, business owner, and vendor in general is not an easy job and I am eternally grateful for the hard work they all do to bring quality food to the Austin community. It was also important to me to include a SNAP dollar into the composition because the market wouldn’t be what it is without its belief in food access.

Can you tell us a bit about the process behind how it was made?

I used a relief printing method where I carved a block and then printed it in order to get the foundations of this design. I then scanned the print and uploaded it into illustrator where I added color to make it pop a little more.

Tell us more about your art in general – what are you working on, where can people follow you/see more of your work?

Currently I am an Art Education major at the University of Texas at Austin and my art practice is heavily rooted in printmaking; in addition to printmaking I also enjoy sculpting, sewing, and stop motion. I have most recently been interested in textile printing and clothing construction. To look at more of my art you can follow me @madpicket on instagram!  

What are your plans after you graduate?

After I graduate in the spring I hope to be teaching art full time at the secondary level. I have always been interested in jobs where human relationships are at the center and I plan to prioritize that throughout my life

What are your favorite things to eat at the market?

My favorite things to eat at the market are cherry tomatoes, peaches, the maple chipotle goat cheese from Pure Luck, and all of the different eggs the market has to offer. 

Do you have a favorite memory (memories) from your time with us? 

I have so many memories from working with the market. I remember the first time I had to push a porta-potty at Lakeline with Katie Adams and how my shoes got soaked through my first rainy market day. The first time I did estimated sales and began to interact with all of the vendors. I remember trying market foods for the first time and how flavorful it all was compared to the food that I had tasted previously in my life. I remember it snowing in 2021 and having a snowball fight with the TFM staff and vendors. I remember working with all of my friends at Lakeline when I started and eventually making new friends as people left and new ones were hired. I remember all of the windy days and the time I put almost sixteen weights on a tent but it still kept moving. I remember the way that when it’s cold, rainy, or any other weather condition that makes the market less busy, vendors will start mingling with each other and share their products and smiles freely. I remember the fun facts that Jamie from B5 farm always has, the beaming smiles from Fernando and Alison at El Talisman, all of the good mornings from Jean at Yegua Creek, and the first time Sam and Colby from Smith and Smith let me sit on their coolers while I did collections and chat about whatever. I remember laughing with and learning from all of TFM’s full-time staff over the years – thank you Katie, Nate, Tori, Nena, Laura, Liz, and Julia. The market has been a beautiful constant throughout the last four years of my life and I will never forget all of the joy, support, knowledge, and comfort it has gifted me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

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