Producer Verification

Producer Verification

Texas Farmers’ Markets at Lakeline and Mueller are leadership-inspected, producer only farmers’ markets. All vendors sell only what they grow or produce. There is no reselling or repackaging of any products based on the definitions that follow at our markets.


Producer only farmers’ market is a market at which producers, their family members or employees are permitted to sell direct to consumers items they have themselves produced.

An Agricultural Producer includes meat (excepting fish, fowl and feral animals) and produce that have been grown or animals born and bred from animals on the producers’ land (including leased land). Dairy products such as cheese and yogurt or processed meat products, such as bacon, jerky and sausage that are produced with vendors products or at his/her commercial kitchen, butcher or processing plant are also included.

A Non-Agricultural Producer is one practicing the culinary art of creating the product offered for sale.  This process includes changing the form, flavor, and/or the substance of raw products using as many local and market products as available to make that change.

An Artisan Producer is one using materials from outside the area of the farmers’ market integrated with other local products or when assembled by a local artisan.

These standards were developed to ensure consumers shopping at our markets are purchasing the best local products available.


How are the vendors inspected?
The inspection includes completion of a standardized form, including photos of the fruit and vegetables or animals. Paperwork will be verified to ensure the food producer, farmer or rancher has submitted copies of insurance, certifications and any other required paperwork required of the state, city and market.

Who completes the inspections?
An annual farm/ranch inspection is made by our Director of Agriculture; verifying the products available at the inspection are from the farm or ranch, are grown for the market as well as the growing methods utilized. If any of theDirector of Agriculture’s questions remain unanswered, a follow-up visit will be scheduled with market manager and a verified farmer/rancher. A failure to comply fully will result in expulsion from the market/s.

How do I know which vendors are inspected?
Our Director of Agriculture currently inspects all agricultural producers, assuring shoppers at either Mueller or Lakeline Farmers’ Markets of the most “honest” markets in Texas. As the verified logo program launches, each farmer or rancher producer will receive the verified logo stamp to display at the booth and for marketing purposes.