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Wild Hearth and Home

Austin, TX

Wild Hearth and Home was founded by Andrew Herrick in 2020 in an effort to provide his community with access to quality herbal medicines and healthcare. With an emphasis on sustainability, Andrew created a small-scale apothecary and holistic consulting business that is intended to be a community resource. All of the apothecary offerings are thoughtfully crafted using organic ingredients. Andrew is a clinically trained herbalist who teaches and practices in Austin, TX. After graduating from the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine in 2014 he began formally working with his community by providing whole health consultations and medicines for his clients that were made from plants he cultivated. During this time, Andrew’s passion for sharing the healing benefits of plant medicine have continued to grow. Drawing from a wide array of skills and knowledge Andrew’s herbal practice centers on helping others navigate their own health and wellness holistically with client-centered care. Whether that looks like scheduling an Herbal Consultation or a Trance Healing Session the mission of Andrew Herrick and Wild Hearth and Home is to facilitate deep healing and lasting balance with plant medicine.

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