Vendors: The Salumeria / Adagio Salumi

The Salumeria / Adagio Salumi

Elgin, TX

Adagio Salumi (Formerly The Salumeria), takes pride in keeping the history their family alive through food. Their recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, refined throughout the years by applying modern food science and novel techniques. Their goal is to give their animals the best life possible which is attainable because all of their salami comes from pigs raised right on their farm! Adagio Salumi controls their pig’s diets so that they are hormone and antibiotic free and they have state-of-the art deep, straw bedded houses where their pigs are free to go in and out. They are allowed to forage on the salad bar planted for them, as well as cool off in the wallow. On 200 acres of diverse land, there is no shortage of new experiences for the beautiful creatures. Adagio Salumi respects the pigs lives with their craft, as to not waste a single part of the animal. Even the fat, skin, and bones are prepared for use there.

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