Vendors: Odd Pop

Odd Pop

Austin, TX

Odd Pop was born in Austin, TX with the goal of bringing artisan popsicles fitting of the city’s unique culture. They believe popsicles can deliver enticing flavors. The only thing more exciting than testing new recipes is delivering smiles to their clients both young and old. Odd Pops is operated by their team Chris, Lindsay and Jared. Chris, the one putting the “Odd” in the Odd Pop recipes, has over 30 years of experience in the service industry and grew up in Houston before moving to Austin. Lindsay, the “brains’“ of Odd Pop, works behind the scenes with events, production, and planning for the company. Jared, the mastermind of customer relations has a passion for connecting with people and sharing his infectious smile with Odd Pop customers! 

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Handcrafted artisan popsicles using local ingredients

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TFM at Mueller