Vendors: Lone Star Lettuce Growers

Lone Star Lettuce Growers

Georgetown, TX

Lone Star Lettuce Growers specialize in organic living lettuce varieties such as chard, kale, herbs, & choy. They use an organic hydroponics system that consists of water, nitrifying bacteria, and organic nutrients, to grow their produce. Hydroponics uses 90% less water than conventional soil farming, and their plants grow over water in a recirculating ecosystem where friendly bacteria work to fertilize their leafy greens. All of their produce is USDA certified organic. They can grow year round in a climate controlled greenhouse, giving our shoppers the locally grown produce they want even during hot seasons! 

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Certified organic hydroponic living lettuce varieties

Participating Markets

TFM at Bell

TFM at Mueller

Food Access Programs

Accepts SNAP dollars and WIC/FMNP vouchers