Vendors: La Mimi Bakery

La Mimi Bakery

Georgetown, TX

La Mimi Bakery is an Austin based gluten-free bakery owned and operated by Yamina. Born and raised in a small town in Algeria, Yamina always felt drawn to cooking. No matter where she traveled – England, France, Switzerland, Morocco, Spain – she found famous cookbooks and recipes to take back with her, though she was most inspired by the French cuisine. To turn her passion into a vocation, she joined the Viennoiserie Rouen France school of baking. It was there that she realized how much baking truly satisfied her. To take her learning further, Yamina joined the San Francisco Baking Institute to learn the skill of Artisan Pastry making. La Mimi Bakery is Yamina’s labor of love and life-long passion. Mimi is what her loved ones called her, and a short version of her name. La Mimi offers a wide range of healthy baking snacks including Paleo bread, desserts, traditional breads, French brioche and so much more!

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Keto and gluten-free baked goods

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TFM at Bell

TFM at Mueller

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Accepts SNAP dollars