Vendors: Elgin Meadery

Elgin Meadery

Elgin, TX

Elgin Meadery is owned and operated by Micah and Michelle Erwin, who share a passion for mead and a commitment to staying connected to and supporting local food systems. Humans began making mead (also referred to as honey wine) before the dawn of civilization. Mead made from harvested wild honey was consumed by hunter-gatherers long before we began to cultivate grapes or grain for wine and beer. Today mead is experiencing a resurgence in popularity as people looking for a paleo-friendly or gluten-free alcoholic beverage are seeking out mead as an alternative to beer, and as people are choosing to consume more locally made, locally sourced beverages. Micah, the Head Mead Maker at Elgin Meadery, has over a decade of experience making mead. He has taken it beyond its historical roots by crafting thoughtful and delicious modern meads, all the while maintaining a dedication to improving his craft. 

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