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Central Matcha

Austin, TX

Central Matcha was born as a passion project and a dedication to sharing high quality, 100% ceremonial matcha tea to all. Founder Patrick Cheung is the child of immigrant parents from Guangzhou, China (formerly Canton), and was born and raised in San Fransisco’s Chinatown. His experiences working as a barista in college, and sharing conversations over coffee and tea, inspired his dream of opening his own shop one day. His mission with Central Matcha is simple: “Share our love of matcha and tea with you. Provide the ingredients that bring us together. Have fun and share smiles!”
What is matcha? A Japanese green tea made by grinding tea leaves into a fine powder. Rather than steeping tea leaves and tossing the leaves themselves, the entire leaf is consumed and you get all the benefits. Central Matcha sources their matcha directly from Japan. It is a versatile ingredient that can be used in many recipes – drinks, baked goods, even ice cream! You’ll find that they love to infuse their matcha with local ingredients from the market like honey from Round Rock Honey, strawberries from Bernhardt’s Farm, and more.

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Iced and hot matcha drinks, ceremonial grade matcha powder

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TFM at Lakeline

TFM at Mueller

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