Vendors: Bread and Zest

Bread and Zest

Austin, TX

Bread and Zest specializes in Challah bread, made with organic, plant-based, and vegan ingredients. They have gluten-free varieties as well. Each loaf is braided festively, has a fluffy cloud-like consistency, and is accompanied by a flavored dip; such as Italian Herbs and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
In owner and baker, Anat’s words: “I grew up in a home that always had fresh home cooked meals, full of flavors and love. When I got to Austin, it was natural to bring those delicious flavors with me through my cooking. My wish is to bring the tastes and tradition of Challah bread to Austin, and to share my love of cooking and bringing together people through the love of food. Although my gramma’s Challah bread was made with eggs and dairy, I’ve added some ‘Zest’ to the old traditional recipe to bring it to as many new friends as possible using only vegan and organic ingredients.”

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