CPFM Market Sprout ~ Zach

This week’s market sprout is Zach.  He was enjoying a delicious gluten-free brownie from the Sweet Texas booth.  Zach told us that his absolute favorite thing at the market is the kombucha from Budda’s Brew and his favorite flavor is blueberry.  Zach and his family told us they love coming to the market as often […]

What’s So Wrong With Supersizing?

The cliché of supersizing everything, has literally affected the health of many Americans. While huge homes and vehicles provide comfort and plenty of breathing space as a choice for those who can afford these luxuries, what’s so wrong with supersizing foods? For a few cents more, many restaurants provide patrons the option to supersize meals […]

Plastic, The Sun and BPAs

It seems everywhere you turn, there’s news of a new cancer causing substance. Research has shown however, that plastics contain the chemical bisphenol A, which is proven to cause various forms of cancer. So, just how can you protect the health of yourself  and your family, without feeling overwhelmed? Here’s how: Tips to Prevent BPA […]

The Hazards of Drinking Soda

Most regular soda drinkers are aware that soft drinks are bad for the health. How bad? Soda or diet sodas contain chemical ingredients and artificial sweeteners like Aspartame used in diet versions which is made up of three chemicals.  It is used because it’s about 200 times sweeter than table sugar. There are over 92 […]

Why Support our Farmers Market and Local Farmers?

It’s about building relationships and knowing where your food comes from. It’s about running into your neighbor on a spring morning and comparing your market “finds” and recipes over a cup of coffee and a taco. It’s about breaking bread with friends, sharing a steaming plate of fresh, local, greens, verdant salads, vivid orange carrots […]