Help the Farmers’ Market

Thank you, Austin! We reached our goal!

Like so many in these difficult times, Texas Farmers’ Market has been financially steamrolled by the pandemic. To be frank, we are looking at a 60% decrease in our operating budget to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are a 501c(4) nonprofit and not like a traditional grocery store where when sales go up, so do profits. Our vendors pay a flat weekly booth fee and we do not profit off of the sales that our vendors make. As the number of vendors attending our markets goes down, so does our operating revenue. But the COVID-19 crisis means that our staffing and supplies needs are going up while our funding is going down. Please consider donating to help us cover the cost of sanitation supplies, signage and increased staff time. Sponsor a month of caution tape to rope off the market to manage customer flow for $25 or face shields for our market staff for $250.Any amount will help!

We need the community’s support to keep our markets open and running safely. We ask that you consider donating any amount that you are able to help us stay afloat and feeding our community. We want to continue to feed our community with fresh, sustainable food but we can’t continue to do it without you!

Please help us keep the markets running by clicking here to donate today!