2017 Austin Fermentation Festival Schedule

Back by popular demand this year are hands-on and interactive workshops. All festival attendees are welcome at these workshops, though the hands-on and interactive portion require additional ticket purchase to participate.


Film Screening: Fermented (2017, 68 minutes), Screenings at 11am and 1:40pm

In FERMENTED, Edward Lee examines how the microscopic process of fermentation shaped who we are and what we eat through the lens of a chef, food-lover, and food anthologist.  The topics are arranged in an easily digestible format, with each episode framed by a certain food type familiar to everyone. Within each of three broader main topics, the film explores subtopics intimately connected to the world of fermentation, and dives deep into both the real-world connection, old-world history and our ultimate dependency into the future of this magical process.


Music: Bre Jarvis 10am – 11am 

Bre Jarvis is a songmaker based in San Marcos, TX. Her original music blends folk singer-songwriter storytelling with grit and groove. Likened to many genres, her arrangements are unexpected and she flows toward each song as it’s own unique world, continually refining her sound. She is joined often by a rotating roster of local musicians. Joining her at the Austin Fermentation Festival are Georgia Parker on upright bass and BJ Lazarus on mandolin.


Music: The Frauleins 12:30pm – 1:30pm

The Frauleins are Austin’s newest roots trio, playing old-time, bluegrass and country with sisters harmony, a two-stepping beat and banjo to boot!





10:30am – 11:15am

Workshop 1: Cultured Butter (Hands-On)
By Amelia Sweethardt of Pure Luck Farm & Dairy
In Europe, butter is cultured by adding live bacteria to cream before churning and the fat content has to be a minimum of 82%. Traditionally, U.S made butter isn’t cultured and the cream goes straight to the butter churn. This is known as sweet cream butter. Join Amelia as she teaches you about the extraordinary benefits and taste of cultured butter.

Hands-on participants (ticketed separately) will go through the process of making their own cultured butter, take home 2 oz of cultured butter and 8 oz of cultured buttermilk and sample delicious cultured butter and Pure Luck goat cheese!

Workshop 2: 100% Whole Grain Sourdough
By Rose Lawrence of Manuela
Take a deep dive into fermented sourdough breads using 100% whole grains. We’ll cover the basics of building a mother, feeding a leaven, making a dough, and shaping for a bake. The focus will be on utilizing fresh stone milled whole grains for their enzymes, nutrition and flavor and how these components alter fermentation and technique. We’ll also cover how to incorporate bread building into your life without stress.

Workshop 3: Kombucha Fermentation
By Kimberly Lanski & JP Gremillion of Buddha’s Brew
A brief history of kombucha and its benefits, how to brew kombucha and what to look for in a healthy, alive batch of kombucha. Special secrets to a super alive brew. The workshop will include a kombucha tasting. The first 25 people to arrive at the workshop will receive a limited edition Buddha’s Brew kombucha SCOBY!


11:45am – 12:30pm

Workshop 4: Fiery Ferments (Hands-On)
By Kirsten Shockey of Ferment Works
Fermentation is a hot topic from health to flavor. Americans are looking to bold flavors and spicy foods are heating up our meals—from kimchi to Sriracha. What do both of these flavors have in common? Lactic acid fermentation! This session teaches students to create their own spicy condiments; it will focus on fermenting peppers both hot and sweet. 

Hands-on participants (ticketed separately) will taste unique fiery ferments as well as have the opportunity to participate in the process of creating for themselves these unimagined healthy hot flavors.

Workshop 5: Tom-olives and Other Creative Ferments 
By Larry Butler of Boggy Creek Farm
Cowboy kimchi master Larry Butler will discuss his happy fermentation accident, Tom-olives, and how it’s possible to shoot from the hip with fermented vegetables. Enjoy anecdotal and entertaining stories from his many years of fermenting the harvest.

Workshop 6: Chocolate Making  101
By Bob Williamson of SRSLYChocolate
SRSLY Chocolate is bringing their Mobile Chocolate Making Lab to the festival for a deliciously sweet presentation! Workshop attendees will follow Bob through the chocolate making process — even getting to crush and winnow cacao beans and grind them into chocolate. 



Workshop 7: Cider 101: Cider Making & Tasting Around the World (Interactive)
By Nick Doughty of Texas Keeper Cider
Nick Doughty, the Cidermaker at Texas Keeper Cider, will lead workshop attendees through the basics of making cider — from pressing the fruit to fermentation, to final touches and aging.

Interactive participants (ticketed separately) will sample 3 oz. ciders from a range of cider styles (English, French, Spanish, New World) and talk about the huge variety of tasting profiles one can seek out in cider. Interactive participants must be 21+.

Workshop 8: Nourish Your Microbiome
By Karen Diggs of Kraut Source 
How is our gut health linked with the health of the planet? Come discover the symbiotic relationship of our human microbiome and the Earth’s ecosystem, and learn why making and eating fermented foods can help us become protectors of our precious natural resources.

Workshop 9: Kimchi
By Uyen Pham of Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts
In this workshop we will dive into how to make kimchi, a staple in Korean cuisine that is a traditional banchan made from salted and fermented vegetables, most commonly Napa cabbages and Korean radishes. Exploring what it means to preserve with salt, we will also look at the ways this food has been used since the 600’s for medicinal purposes.


2pm – 2:45pm

Workshop 10: Sauerkraut Power: Mastering Shredded Veggie Ferments (Hands-On)
By Kate Payne of Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking
Unleash your inner kraut prowess in this hands-on workshop. All attendees will learn methodology, maintenance and lots of fermentation tricks surrounding this age-old culinary tradition.

Hands-on participants (ticketed separately) will make and take home their jar of sauerkraut or mixed shredded veggies to ferment at home. 

Workshop 11: Life after Day Old Bread: Amino Sauces and more
By Page Pressley of Emmer & Rye
What do you do with that last bit of bread? There is already a container of bread crumbs in the pantry and no craving for bread pudding. What’s next? Bread Amino! Through fermentation, bread is transformed into an umami rich ingredient to add depth to any dish. Join Chef Page Pressley from Emmer & Rye as he gives a step-by-step tutorial and highlights uses for the end product and byproduct of this fermentation process.

Workshop 12: Vinegar! The Ancient Fermented Liquid That is Revolutionizing Modern Day Drinking
By Kelley Slagle of The Vinegar Joint
In this workshop with Kelley Slagle of the Vinegar Joint, you will learn about the ancient tradition of drinking vinegar and be part of the modern vinegar revolution. You will start with how to ferment vinegar at home from cider, beer, and wine in the slow, traditional method for a vinegar better than anything that comes from a factory. Next, she will share the secrets to making the best fruit shrubs and tell you why the majority of shrub recipes out there have it backwards. And last but certainly not least we will share some of our favorite recipes for making cocktails, mocktails and vinegar boosters so you can make delicious vinegar drinks at home for every occasion.


3:15pm – 4:30pm — Keynote Speaker Sandor Katz

My name is Sandor Ellix Katz, and I am a fermentation revivalist.

My interest in fermentation grew out of my overlapping interests in cooking, nutrition and gardening. It started with sauerkraut. I found an old crock buried in our barn, harvested cabbage from our garden, chopped it up, salted it, and waited. That first kraut tasted so alive and powerfully nutritious! Its sharp flavor sent my salivary glands into a frenzy and got me hooked on fermentation. I have made sauerkraut ever since, earning the nickname Sandorkraut, even as my repertoire has expanded. I have explored and experimented widely in the realm of fermentation, and my mission with this website is to share information and resources, in order to encourage home fermentation experimentalists and propel more live-culture foods out into our culture.

I am a native of New York City, a graduate of Brown University, and a retired policy wonk. In 1993, I moved from New York City to Cannon County, Tennessee, where I am part of a vibrant extended community of queer folks (and many other friends and allies). I have AIDS and consider fermented foods to be an important part of my healing. (See AIDS Links below.)

Since 2003 when my book Wild Fermentation was published, I have taught hundreds of workshops demystifying fermentation and empowering people to reclaim this important transformational process in their kitchens. The New York Times calls me “one of the unlikely rock stars of the American food scene.” My latest book, The Art of Fermentation (2012), received a James Beard award and was a finalist at the International Association of Culinary Professionals. The Southern Foodways Alliance honored me with their Craig Claiborne Lifetime Achievement Award. I have presented workshops in most of the states of the U.S., as well as Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Indonesia, and India. Venues have included universities, museums, libraries, farms, farmers’ markets, conferences, bookstores, festivals, and community spaces.