Artisan Vendor Application

Artisan Vendors utilize materials from outside the area of the farmers’ market when integrated with other local products or sell products created by a local artisan located within 150 miles of the market attended.

-Examples: Beauty and skincare products, jewelry, art, ceramics

  • NEW VENDORS: A $75 application fee is required in order to process any new vendor applications. Pay the fee here. Must be paid before TFM will consider your application or discuss details surrounding your application. No refunds issued. Paying this fee does not guarantee admission to the market(s).
  • Texas Farmers’ Markets are year round, rain or shine markets.
  • Artisans have two options for participating in the market: 1. Pay the $185 association fee and receive discounted daily booth rates of $55 per market. This option expects weekly attendance at 40 of 50 weeks minimum. If you miss more than 10 market days, you forfeit the discounted association weekly rate and will not receive a refund for that fee. Option 2. Do not pay association fee and pay $65 per market day to attend as desired, with appropriate notice indicated in the market rules for alerting TFM management of absences/returns.
  • Current photos of your art should be sent to the executive director after filling out this application and paying your fee. If your products are considered “crafts”, please do not apply.
  • State of Texas Sales Tax is required on sales of your product. F2M Texas/Texas Farmers’ Market is not responsible for paying any vendor taxes or fines. Apply here.