2019 Workshops

*All workshops will be held under the historic Mueller Browning Hangar and run for 45 minutes on the hour*


Workshop #1 at 10am: Ryeteous Bread
By James A. Brown of Barton Springs Mill & Sandeep Gyawali of Miche Bread/Whole Foods Market
James and Sandeep will tag team on this workshop that’s all about rye! James will discuss the work he’s been doing with Texas organic farmers to grow heritage varietals of rye, which are stone-milled into flour at Barton Springs Mill. Sandeep will show you how to use these flours with rye-specific sourdough fermentation to make beautiful and complex breads.

Workshop #2 at 11am: Cheeseboard and Cheese Care: Demystified
By Emmi Roth Cheese
Learn how to create the perfect cheeseboard using the best cheese Switzerland has to offer. Emmi will focus on how you can personalize each board to best serve your guests, some tried-and-true tricks and how to be unique and creative by adding out-of-the-box options. They’ll also show you how to care for the cheese before and after use. And – the best part – they’ll have some pairings for you to try out as you’re learning!

Workshop #3 at 12pm: How Bacteria Helps Your Gut and Brain
By Karen Diggs of Kraut Source
We know that there are countless bacteria that live in, on and around us. But did you know that most of these tiny bugs are actually beneficial and critical to our survival? Join Karen (nutritionist, therapeutic chef, and avid fermenter), to explore our microbial world with new eyes.

Workshop #4 at 1pm: Killer Kimchi
By Chef Uyen Pham
In this workshop Chef Pham will dive into how to make kimchi, a staple in Korean cuisine that is a traditional banchan made from salted and fermented vegetables, most commonly Napa cabbages and Korean radishes. Exploring what it means to preserve with salt, this food has been used since the 600’s for medicinal purposes.

Workshop #5 at 2pm: Discover the World of Koji and Miso
By Alfred Francese of Emmer & Rye
Discover the hydrolysis by enzymes excreted by aspergillus oryzae grown on grains! In this workshop, you will learn about the technique of making koji and miso, see how miso breaks down over time, taste a 6-month-old koji, and have a few recipes to take home with you as well.

Workshop #6 at 3pm: Fermenting and Preserving Meats
By Fiore Tedesco of L’Oca d’Oro
Chef Fiore will be doing a workshop on two different methods of preserving pork tenderloin. He will lead attendees through the process of making a traditional Japanese’s inspired katsouboshi and koji cured lomo.