Why Visit a Trusted Market?


Why is it important to visit a Farmers’ Market that you trust?

What’s the deal with growing locally, sustainably, chemically, organically? Our practices are an extension of our farmers’ and ranchers’ practices. Bringing clarity and transparency to what you buy at the market is our top priority. Our policies are strict as the only producer-only verified market group in town, we can assure you that vendors are honestly bringing the fruits of their labors and using the practices they tout to shoppers. Please continue to ask questions of your farmer/rancher to understand who is farming sustainably at all times and who relies on integrated pest management and when, why and how they may use herbicides or pesticides. If you want to know more about our producer-only policies, go here to learn more about our practices.

Learn more about why shopping at producer-only markets is important in this KVUE television feature and in this article from Pam Walker in the Houston Chronicle.

Image Courtesy of Tecolote Farm.

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