What’s So Wrong With Supersizing?

The cliché of supersizing everything, has literally affected the health of many Americans. While huge homes and vehicles provide comfort and plenty of breathing space as a choice for those who can afford these luxuries, what’s so wrong with supersizing foods?

For a few cents more, many restaurants provide patrons the option to supersize meals and drinks. This might seem like a deal to many, but in the long-term, the effects are obesity, high cholesterol and a host of other conditions.

The fact is supersizing is wrong, because it contributes to these types of epidemics, in both children and adults. Let’s explain why:

The average person needs only a specified amount of calories per day, with guidelines being 1500 to 3000 calories the more beverages with artificial sweetener you consume during the day, the more your body will crave sugar.es, based on age, gender and the level of physical activity. When these amounts are exceeded, the result is weight gain.

As an example, a combo meal at McDonalds, complete with a burger, and supersized fries and drinks, contains over 1,000 calories.

Supersizing isn’t limited to take-out alone, it’s seen every day in servings of home-cooked meals. Remember your loving, well intended Mother saying you need to “clean your plate”.

While counting every single calorie consumed can be frustrating and obsessive, the diet can be kept healthy and in moderation with the following tips.

Tips for Downsizing Meals:

  • Create a daily meal plan, with a total calorie count that doesn’t exceed your personal requirements.
  • Read the menu contents and total calorie values when ordering meals from restaurants.
  • At home, try to eat in smaller portions, and swap carbs such as pasta and rice with healthier ones like fruits and vegetables.
  • To help keep full throughout the day, experts recommend filling up on proteins like eggs.

When it comes to downsizing and reducing the waistline, it’s all about portions. Many individuals swear by spreading five smaller meals throughout the day, instead of eating three whopping meals.

It’s also keen to remember that when trying to lose weight and downsize, it’s better to do so with healthy foods. Some of these include sustainably grown, local and seasonal foods. You’ll find that some of the best foods to be found are those available at Cedar Park or Mueller Farmers’ Markets.

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