Vendors: Tapio Foods

Tapio Foods

Austin, TX

Tapio Foods is all about sustainability. They work with small Brazilian farmers that grow cassava, an ancient crop from the Amazon rainforest, using regenerative techniques. The starch known as tapioca is extracted from cassava and used to make delicious products like Brazilian cheese bread.  Tapio is not only about making products, their ultimate goal is to regenerate degraded areas by bringing the forest back. Their symbol, the hummingbird, represents those ideas – a creature only native to the Americas, that cross-pollinates plants. Tapio is always expanding their product range, and in addition to their staple Brazilian cheese bread, they offer tapi tots, waffles, boba tea, acai bowls, and more!

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Brazilian cheese breads, tapi tots, waffles, tapi tea (boba)

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TFM at Bell

TFM at Mueller

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Accepts SNAP dollars