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Redtail Organics

Austin, TX

Redtail Organics is a small, family run, Veteran owned business that specializes in bokashi composting.⁠
Brannon, owner of Redtail Organics, has been bokashi composting for more than twenty years. He started this company to share all the incredible benefits from this primitive, yet effective practice.⁠
Bokashi is a quick and easy way to compost without the worry of foul smells, flies, rodents, or pathogens. It truly is the best system for residential composting. It’s affordable to start, effort is minimal, and the many benefits of bokashi composting are nothing short of amazing.⁠
Bokashi is an ancient, Far Eastern ‘practice’ that ferments food waste and converts it into a dynamic biofertilizer. The bokashi practice is often referred to as bokashi composting, while ‘bokashi’ mostly implies the fermented waste bokashi composting produces. Bokashi bran, or a bokashi activator is a bioinoculant that ‘activates’ the bokashi process. Bioinoculants are materials where microbes live. Traditionally a type of bran, e.g. rice bran or wheat bran is used, but any organic material will work. RTO uses sun-cured alfalfa blended with a variety of whole grains and legumes.⁠
Probiotic microbes lay dormant in the dried bioinoculant and activate when in contact with food waste. Once activated the microbes quickly and efficiently break down the waste.⁠
Because of the anaerobic conditions and low pH, bokashi composting eliminates the worry of foul smells, flies, rodents and pathogens. And you can compost meat, bones and dairy!⁠

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