Vendor Spotlight: The Sourdough Project

The Sourdough Project began as a home project to make anything and everything out of sourdough. Early in their sourdough journey, founders Jen and Danny became completely overwhelmed with the loaves of bread they were baking, so they decided to experiment with crackers. They were an instant hit! Everyone fell in love with their tangy, flaky, and somehow cheesy crackers. They knew that they needed to share these crackers with the community and started baking at home and selling at the farmers market. The Sourdough Project believes that to make a truly delicious cracker every ingredient matters. This is why they use heirloom fresh milled wheat that is organically grown in Texas, organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and pure sea salt. But the real secret ingredient is fermentation – their dough is allowed to cold ferment for days. Take your charcuterie platters to the next level with their delicious crackers and stop by their booth Saturdays at Lakeline and Sundays at Mueller. They also sell sourdough starters – a great gift and project for the winter months!

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