Vendor Spotlight: Tapio Foods

As you may have seen at the markets last weekend, Lua Brazil has rebranded as Tapio Foods! The new brand is all about sustainability. They are working with small Brazilian farmers that grow cassava, an ancient crop from the Amazon rainforest, using regenerative techniques. Tapio is not only about making products, their ultimate goal is to regenerate degraded areas by bringing the forest back. Their symbol, the hummingbird, represents those ideas – a creature only native to the Americas, that cross-pollinates plants. We are at the start of hummingbird migration season and many of the plants that they would normally feed on were killed in winter storm Uri. Tapio is helping to spread the word about how we can support these precious creatures by putting out feeders and hummingbird nectar – it’s super easy to make your own nectar by simply mixing 1 part sugar with 4 parts water. Stop by Tapio’s booth at Lakeline or Mueller for their freshly made Brazilian cheese breads, tapi tots, waffles, and more! 

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