Vendor Spotlight: Talisman Coffee

Talisman Coffee is a small family-owned business whose passion and love is above all, family, but closely followed by coffee. The team is made up of visionary parents, Sandro and Johanna, the coffee farmers in this whole operation, and the brother-sister duo, Fernando & Jo, who roast and handle the state-side operations. El Talisman is the family’s thirty-five acre coffee farm located in the lush mountains of Matagalpa, Nicaragua, where their coffee is shade grown, hand picked, naturally processed, and slow dried. You can trust that Talisman’s coffee is grown responsibly in a sustainable ecosystem, shaded by native fruit trees and other tree species – you may even look up and find a friendly sloth sleeping the day away! After each coffee harvest, the dried beans are shipped to Austin where Fernando eagerly awaits to roast the new batch. Because their coffee is roasted locally, you can always count on them to have fresh coffee at the ready for you to enjoy – stop by Talisman Coffee’s booth every Saturday at Lakeline and Sunday at Mueller.

Check out these beautiful photos the Talisman team shared from their coffee harvest in Nicaragua!

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