Vendor Spotlight: New Blue Bags

NewBlue Bags was founded by Tish Phillips to solve a problem. Single-use paper and plastic bags are environmentally devastating and a huge contributor to climate change. By designing stylish, functional reusable bags that can be an accessory to your life and making these bags durable enough to last 10 years or more, they’ve helped hundreds of shoppers save the environment from thousands of paper and plastic bags each year. Made from plant fibers that soften to a leather-like feel with age, NewBlue bags are washable, biodegradable, certified vegan, super light-weight, recyclable, and supremely eco-friendly. NewBlue’s goal is to encourage small acts of sustainability by creating great products you’ll be proud to carry. Their hope is that people will start noticing opportunities in their lives for being more sustainable and less wasteful.

NewBlue is proud to partner with 1% For the Planet – they commit 1% of all sales to the largest ocean clean up effort in the world. Stop by their booth on Sundays at Mueller to support this great local business!

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