Vendor Spotlight: Local Honey Bee Company

Local Honey Bee Company (Lantana Farms) is owned and operated by Jeff and Sandi Kreider, and is located in the Lost Pines Area of Bastrop, TX. Founded in the Spring of 2019, Local Honey Bee Company began as a hobby and quickly turned into a way of life. Utilizing organic practices, all their products are produced without chemicals or unnecessary additives. Their bees are raised chemical-treatment-free, by encouraging natural hygienic behavior in their colonies. The mission of Local Honey Bee Company is to expand the honeybee population while improving the overall health and safety of the bees. We chatted with Jeff at the market to learn more about his zero waste practices and tips for your day to day life – watch the video here. Stop by Local Honey Bee Company’s booth at Texas Farmers Market at Mueller on Sundays from 10am-2pm!

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