Vendor Spotlight: Jewelry Makers

@crystalnovacreations​ is a local silversmithing couple from San Marcos, Texas. Each of Ashley and Jesse’s unique and timeless creations are crafted by hand, from scratch, using traditional silversmithing techniques. They love to incorporate some of Earth’s finest treasures into their work, using all natural semi-precious gemstones and crystals. Their work is largely influenced by the cosmos and the natural beauty of our world. Stop by their booth on Sundays at Mueller!

✨Kyle Gross is a local jewelry designer and metalsmith who has been designing and making jewelry as @stonesthrowstudio for over 15 years. Working out of his small South Austin backyard studio, Kyle makes all of his pieces by hand using recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones, many of which are cut locally. Kyle draws inspiration from the natural world and things like the texture of a leaf, the shape of a dragonfly, patterns, and pieces of architecture. Stop by his booth on Sundays at Mueller!

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