Vendor Spotlight: Hohns Acres Farmstead

In 2013, Amanda and Jeremy moved to the country to pursue a more simple life. In 2018, they decided to take their next leap of faith and start Hohns Acres Farmstead with the hope of providing real, locally grown, nutrient dense food for you and your family as well as their own. They follow an intensive rotational grazing management approach while implementing and creating sustainable, life giving practices on their farm. Practicing regenerative farming positively impacts both their land and the lives of the animals they raise. Their pasture areas are 100% chemical, pesticide and herbicide free. Watch a tour of their farm here!

“We believe the happiest and healthiest animals are treated with respect and compassion. They are given the best life possible, with access to fresh grass, sunlight, and space to move about freely. Here at Hohns Acres, rotational grazing creates a healthier environment for our animals, lessening our need for antibiotics or chemicals. The grazing method improves the fertility of the soil, increasing the nutritional value of what they eat so that we can harvest the highest quality meat and eggs.”

Find Hohns Acres at our Lakeline market every Saturday with pork, chicken, eggs, and vegetables!



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