Vendor Spotlight: Hackamore Ranch

The Hackamore Ranch story is a true divergence of East meets West. Cody’s Father came to the Big Bend country in Texas in the 60’s to pursue his dream of being a cowboy. Cody was born and raised on the range. Being the son of a Ranch Manager, he always had the dream of owning and operating his own Ranch. Albina was born and raised in Uzbekistan, where her Father was a beekeeper. Cody and Albina met in Afghanistan, where they were both working, and in 2019 they decided to settle into a life of ranching in Texas. They built their 800-acre ranch in Thorndale TX, where they worked to seed Texas native grass, divide pastures, build lakes, and develop the infrastructure for livestock operations. Hackamore Ranch specializes in truly pasture-raised, quality lamb. We had the opportunity to visit the ranch for a tour last week – watch the video here, and stop by Hackamore Ranch’s booth on Sundays at Mueller.

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