Vendor Spotlight: Fermented & Pickled Produce

We hope you’ve been enjoying this year’s fermentation festival, learning a lot about the joys of fermentation and how it plays a part in our complex diets! One of the many ways to enjoy fermentation is to use it as a method of preserving the seasonal harvest so that it can be stored safely for months. It is a great option for bumper crops — many of our farmers do just that and sell their delicious pickled and fermented products at the market! Why not use this weekend to dive a little deeper into the goods on our farmers’ tables and enjoy pickles, kimchi, kraut, and more? Read below to learn about some of our farmer favorites!

Bernhardt’s Farm: Bernhardt’s Farm strives to use everything they grow, and offers a variety of prepared items including pickled cucumbers, cauliflower, carrots, garlic and okra, as well as kimchi, sauerkraut, and assorted jams. Stop by their booth at both Lakeline & Mueller.

f-stop farm: f-stop makes a variety of seasonal pickled items, sometimes incorporating veggies from other market farmers into their tasty concoctions. They also make fermented hot sauces and kimchi (including a vegan option!) Stop by their booth at both Lakeline & Mueller.

Munkebo Farm: Munkebo Farm makes delicious pickled beets (which even non-beet lovers will enjoy), as well as sauerkraut (a fermented cabbage – the more sour the better!) Stop by their booth at both Lakeline & Mueller.

Taylor Farm: Taylor Farm makes a variety of different fermented hot sauces, such as their popular Farm to Fire hot sauce, as well as seasonal pickled items like zucchini! Stop by their booth Saturdays at Lakeline.

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